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Custom American Made Challenge Coins

At All About Challenge Coins, we take pride in being able to offer American-made custom challenge coins. Our American-made challenge coins offer very fast turnaround times. For some projects quick turnaround times are a convenience, but for others, they’re the only acceptable solution.

When you order American-made custom coins, We are your customer service, your designers, your logistics team, and also the factory creating your order.

Every part of your coin project takes place under one roof.

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Challenge Coin- Made in USA (No Color Die Struck)

Size 50 100 300 500 1,000 2,000
1.5" $12.02 $7.31 $6.47 $6.31 $6.14 $6.21
1.75" $13.62 $8.30 $7.46 $7.37 $7.26 $7.15
2" $15.19 $9.24 $8.56 $8.45 $8.34 $8.23

Challenge Coin- Made in USA (Simulated Enamel Coin)

Size 50 100 300 500 1,000 2,000
1.75" $7.35 $4.69 $4.27 $4.22 $4.27 $4.13

Why Buy American Made?

There are a number of reasons to choose American-made challenge coins.


Support the Domestic Economy - Let’s address the elephant in the room – buying American-made custom coins is not less expensive (yet).

However, we’re keeping every one of your hard-earned dollars here and are working to restore pricing efficiency with more technology and higher-paying jobs. Our goal is to help create careers in American manufacturing long-term.


Speed & Precision - Sometimes, there’s no time to waste.

We have the ability to deliver the next calendar day with our American-made coins and pins. In some cases, local customers in our Central Florida area can have coins hand-delivered the same day. International flights and customs are taken out of the equation completely; leading to faster and safer deliveries.


Operational Security & Privacy

We thoroughly and regularly inspect all of our overseas facilities and ensure that all communication is through a secure portal. However, for extra sensitive orders, we produce, pack, and ship all under one roof to guarantee security. The designs, product, and address information go directly from our US facility to your location.



Other than just the practical reasons, there’s pride in being able to make something completely in America . We are honored to say that most of our orders are made for people defending or protecting our freedom– members of the armed forces and first responders.


Contract Requirements

For some customers, typically government contracts or unions, American-made is the only solution. It’s a contract requirement, and we’re happy to be able to meet it.


Contract Requirements

For some customers, typically government contracts or unions, American-made is the only solution. It’s a contract requirement, and we’re happy to be able to meet it.

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Die Struck American-Made Coins

Die-Struck is the traditional stamped challenge coin. The important difference is these die struck coins are made in America using ethically sourced raw materials and American labor. Our die struck coins are currently available in both antique brass and silver finish. These coins feel incredibly substantial in hand due to the thicker metal stock used. The precision CNC machines used to make the dies and the incredibly high tonnage used to stamp the coins allows for the most intricate details to come through on the finished coins.

From start to finish these coins are made in America. We take sheets of raw material, punch out the coin blanks, mint the blanks with custom molds that we CNC and heat treat in house, tumble, antique, coat, and pack your coins!

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Rush American-Made Coins

We can usually make die-struck American-made coins in a hurry, depending on the current production backlog. If you need a coin in under a week, this is where our other options shine.

We have pre-made 1.75” coin blanks in antique gold and antique silver on which we use a high-tech printing process that bonds the image directly to the coin. We call this simulated enamel. This is not a sticker and is different from a regular printer. The image is not flat either! The ink has texture, mimicking the raised and recessed features of a die struck coin with enamel color fills. Another benefit of this process is that there are no limits on color and we can make a custom coin with photorealism and gradients!

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American-Made Coins with Color

For a long time, the only option for American-Made custom coins were die struck coins. They’re the classic standard and beautiful, but some coin designs really benefit from color. Traditionally, this was too labor intensive, since every enamel colorfill would have to be added by hand.

Now, we have options. We can add color to both our American-made die struck coins and our American-made rush challenge coins.

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Design Limitations for American-Made Custom Coins

These are current limitations which we plan to eliminate gradually for American-Made coins.

High Relief 3D Challenge Coins
Soft Enamel Challenge Coins
Hard Enamel Challenge Coins
Coins with Glitter
Dual Plating*
*Ask sales about options that closely resemble dual plating!* 

For any questions about our American-made processes or limitations, please reach out to one of our informed representatives via info@allaboutchallengecoins.com or give us a call at  +1-800-667-5931

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What Our Clients Say


Everything was super easy

Everything was super easy, the designs were amazing and met my intent very quickly. I had to make very minor corrections.

Date of experience: January 13, 2022

Good communication and patience from…

Good communication and patience from these guys. They reached out to me to be sure I had all the information I needed before I even submitted an order. Quality coins in the past from this company and I know they will continue to be great.

Date of experience: September 30, 2021

Great Company to Have Challenge Coins Created

I found this site seven years ago and saw the quality of work they do and purchased coins through them. Their workmanship, quality, and fantastic proofing support are unparalleled. This time around, I updated my design from seven years ago and placed an order for more coins. With the slight adjustment in my proof design, I completed my order within two hours, all through email. The support team is very responsive and professional.

Date of experience: February 22, 2022

Said it would be 2-3 weeks when I got…

Said it would be 2-3 weeks when I got them. Then once I ordered it said it would ship out February 20th

Date of experience: January 20, 2023