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All About Challenge Coins Blog - Coin Ideas, Customer Stories and more



Designing Fire Department Challenge Coins

Whether your department has created a fully-rendered sketch of a design or you have a few ideas but no idea how to put them on paper, All About Coins...


Designing Custom Police Challenge Coins

Getting Started With Police Challenge Coins, Only you and your fellow police officers know what exact aesthetic or coin type is best for representing...


Ordering Custom Challenge Coins on a Budget

When it comes to ordering custom challenge coins on a budget, we offer a ton of tools to help manage and track your order’s final price.


Challenge Coins 101: Your Art Proof

One of the best features of partnering with AllAboutChallengeCoins is having our team create high-quality artwork of your custom coins.


A Judge's Verdict: Challenge Coins

Most people don’t like the idea of being in the same room with a judge, but if you were to meet Justice of the Peace Blake Sylvia in person, he’d...