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Ordering Custom Challenge Coins on a Budget

When it comes to ordering custom challenge coins on a budget, we offer a ton of tools to help manage and track your order’s final price.


When it comes to ordering custom challenge coins on a budget, we offer a ton of tools to help manage and track your order’s final price. However, from budget-friendly designs to long-term cost cuts, there are tips and manufacturing options you can use to create stellar coin designs while saving on your final order.

In today’s post, AllAboutChallengeCoins is giving our best budget-saving tips for ordering top-quality custom coins without needing to break the bank.

Understanding Custom Challenge Coin Pricing

Ordering 300 of both these designs cost exactly the same at $3.15 per coin. As with any service or product, learning how the cost of your order is calculated, and doing your research will go a long way to saving you money.

AllAboutChallengeCoins price our orders based on three main factors including the size of coins, the number of coins, and the type of customizations added to your design. Understanding how these three factors influence your price quote and where you can best minimize costs will help you make the most of your order.

Understanding how these three factors influence your price quote and where you can best minimize costs will help you make the most of your order.

Keep Your Coin to 2” or Less

Size matters when it comes to the look and price of your challenge coin order. AllAboutChallengeCoins can help you make a coin as big as a dinner platter, but be prepared to pay a premium for a coin of that size.

Bigger coins require bigger molds and more materials to produce, which means production costs naturally increase. Adjusting to a smaller size type is a quick and easy way to fit the order of challenge coins down to a more manageable budget.

In our experience, the most balanced sizes for most challenge coins are 1.75” or 2.00”. At that size, a coin is big enough to leave a tactile and visual impact while still keeping a good price point for the value.

However, if your coin design is simpler without much in the way of text, cutting down to 1.50” can significantly lower your final price tag without cutting down on detail. If you’re not sure what size works best for your design, check with one of our representatives and check 
our article on custom coin sizing.

Choose the Right Coin Type for Your Design

Your final price quote can be really dependent on the type of customizations and design options added to your coin. If it's just the cost you’re looking at, the most affordable option for custom challenge coins is a die struck coin with a high-polish finish.

This gives your coin a bright gleaming-look that can capture the shine of a medal. For example,  check this silver challenge coin below we designed for the cast of the Knife Nuts Podcast which combines a 3D mold with maximized use of space for a crisp design.

While die struck coins are all unpainted, there are still tons of ways to personalize a coin through the use of 3D molds, customizing the shape or sandblasting texture onto a design. 

As vintage as a die struck coin might look, depending on your needs or project, it might actually be more worthwhile to go with an antique finish or to use a colored design.

Especially so, if you’re planning on selling your challenge coins as part of an event or fundraiser. If specific features or designs are essential, we can work with you to showcase how much an order of challenge coins will cost and look with different features added to the final design.

Limit Use of Colors to Seven

As bright as a die struck coin looks, color adds a tremendous amount of customization to a coin, and more than likely, you want some color on your design.

When it comes to using colors in a design, try to keep your paint scheme at seven colors or less. Any more than that and your order will incur additional production fees for each extra color option. Also, don’t forget you can use your coin’s plating as an “extra” color option for creating backgrounds or linework on your designs.
While the left design is obviously more colorful, both of these coins actually cost the same per unit since any design can be manufactured with up to seven colors at no additional burden on production.

Use an Exterior Bottle Opener

Giving a fun practical function to a showpiece, adding a custom bottle opener is one of our most popular customization options. However, you don’t need to break the bank to add one to your challenge coin.

While adding an interior challenge coin requires an extra production step to cut out the shape of the bottle opener. 
Opting for an exterior bottle opener just means adapting your production mold, which we can do at no additional cost!

Admittedly, exterior bottle openers don’t have the same kind of symmetry, but if you’re looking for form and function without extra cost, it’s your best bet.

Hit Price Breaks With Your Coin Order

Increasing the coins in order can actually save you tons of money! Yeah, we know it’s counter-intuitive but hear us out.

When it comes to production, there are fixed costs that come with any order big or small. However, by making a bigger order, those costs can be spread out over a bigger number and help cut your unit price down significantly.

While 50 is the minimum number for any coin order from AllAboutChallengeCoins, between the start-up costs and the mold fees, we recommend aiming for an order of 100 or 300 coins whenever possible.

At 100 coins in order, it goes from $5.37 to $3.25. Going up to an order of 300 saves even more since we can go ahead and drop the mold fee at that price point.

single high volume order can potentially save you hundreds of dollars, especially if you can predict needing challenge coins for multiple events during the year.

Work With AllAboutChallengeCoins

At AllAboutChallengeCoins, we’re dedicated to helping you create custom challenge coins at the highest possible quality. However, good quality doesn’t need to break the bank and we hope these tips help you find the best ways to keep your order at the best possible value.

Don’t forget, artwork and revisions with our services are always free and our design team is happy to help you make the most at every step of production. 

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