If you’re looking for a fresh idea for your next fundraiser, designing a custom challenge coin for your nonprofit might be what you’re looking for. Compared to a traditional shirt or snack fundraisers, nonprofit challenge coins do more than passively advertise, they’re novelties and conversation starters that help you actively promote your nonprofit.

Actively Promoting Through Nonprofit Challenge Coins

Whether you’re raising money year-round or organizing a single event, selling branded merchandise to fundraise isn’t a new concept, but what sets challenge coins apart from other types of branded merchandise is its ability to raise active instead of passive awareness.

You might be asking at this point, “What is active awareness?”

Think of it this way, supporters will buy and wear a nonprofit’s t-shirt to donate to your nonprofit’s goals while keeping a tangible item for their contributions. However, that kind of branding is like a roving billboard, great for getting an organization’s name out but it doesn’t start a conversation or engage people outside of your organization.

Someone might wear a shirt as part of their daily garb but they’ll brandish a coin and talk about how they got it. Your organization and its supporters are more likely to communicate the importance of a nonprofit’s goals with a custom coin than they would simply selling shirts or snacks alone.

Thinking About Your Custom Coin Design

Starting a coin design might seem intimidating if you have no design experience but making a great coin isn’t a complicated science. Remember, your volunteers and supporters believe in your mission, methods, and personality, you just need to make your coin something they can clearly identify with your nonprofit.

When brainstorming, focus on a design that communicates the following traits:

  • Your Nonprofit’s Identity: What is the personality and tone of your nonprofit? What are its goals and methods? Take a look at existing assets, symbols or mottos that unite your supporters find new ways to incorporate them into a coin to uniquely distinguish a design with your organization.
  • Your Event or Activity: How do you plan to use these coins? You’re fundraising of course, but are these coins meant to be sold as a fundraiser item for a single event? Is this part of an annual event happening each year? Coin designs that are specific to an individual event can be much more exciting or engaging due to their exclusive nature.
  • Your Mission: Are you a food bank gathering canned food and money for the needy? Raising money to help fund cancer research? Your goals and mission are at the core of all your efforts, look for ways to express them through imagery, colors, and typography. For example, many challenge coins designed in honor of breast-cancer awareness find ways to prominently incorporate either the iconic pink ribbon or the color pink.

Look for ways to turn these three traits into concrete ideas for a design. Focus your design to create a clear identity that recipients can be proud of being a part of. At All About Challenge Coins, we’ll work with you to ensure top quality designs and artwork but connecting your nonprofit’s identity and sense of self if wholly up to you.

Engaging an Audience With Your Custom Coin

Have a custom coin design that makes you proud? Share it with the world. Shirts and bottles are common items that don’t elicit immediate excitement but challenge coins are novelties with a noticeable value and gleam. Take advantage of that spark of interest and turn it into a wave of excitement by promoting their development and involving your community.

Here are a few ideas just to get you started:

  • Host a community design contest: Everyone loves a good contest and getting your organization’s community involvement with the design of your shirt ensures that the final look connects with their interests personally.
  • Put your coin on display: We don’t need to tell you to share and promote your own fundraisers on social media and online but make sure to take advantage of the visual interest and decision-making behind your coin design. Show off your design and promote your organization by talking about what each design element represents and how your custom coin involves your nonprofit’s mission and goals.
  • Recognize Achievements: In the military, challenge coins are used as signs of recognition from ranking officers or emblems of membership between members of a unit. Carry on the tradition by using them to reward and recognize your organization’s top supporters at a fundraising event with an award ceremony. This demonstrates gratitude for their involvement and becomes a strong community talking point long after the event itself.

Designing a custom challenge coins for your nonprofit organization can give you a brand new tool for both outreach and fundraising. Still need help? Just send us a message. All About Challenge Coins has over a decade of experience working with clients all over the country and we’re more than happy to lend our expertise to make sure your design not only looks great but feels right.