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National Lineman Appreciation Day with Custom Challenge Coins

Every year, Lineman Appreciation Day is celebrated on April 18th to recognize the hard work and dedication of the men and women who work to maintain our power lines. This important job requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and physical strength.


National Lineman Appreciation Day

In the United States, there are approximately 180 million utility poles and 115,000 lineworkers.

Electrical lineman, also known as lineworkers and power line technicians, are the unsung heroes of our modern world. They are the brave men and women who make sure that our power lines are safe, efficient, and reliable. These people work around the clock to provide light to family households, small businesses, and corporate office buildings. 

On April 10, 2013, the U.S. Senate set April 18th as National Lineman Appreciation Day, following the 2012 Hurricane Sandy where electrical lines were down across 24 states, and lineman from all over the country came to the rescue to get the power back on. 

On Lineman Appreciation Day, we take a moment to recognize and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and potential dangers faced by those who put their lives on the line to keep our lights on.


A Brief History of Electrical Line Work

The history of electrical linemen dates back to the early 1800s, with the introduction of the telegraph and when the first electric power lines were installed in the United States. Electrical work was still so new at the time that it was extremely dangerous, with a profound death/injury rate on top of receiving extremely low pay. In 1891, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) was founded to protect the lives of lineman and show them respect and honor for their trade, as the need for electricity was growing exponentially. IBEW is still a large union today, with approximately 775,000 members.

By the early 20th century, linemen had become an integral part of the power industry. It started out as a much-needed, yet incredibly dangerous profession. Traveling from city to city, working very long days. As time went on, demand for the job and safety precautions evolved. 

Today, electrical linemen are responsible for the installation and repair of electricity distribution lines, as well as the maintenance of power lines, poles, and other equipment. They also play an important role in responding to large power outages during natural disasters.



Doing the Work of a Lineman

Being an electrical lineman is a challenging and rewarding job that requires knowledge, training, and skill. It's a profession that requires individuals to have a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as a valid driver’s license and potentially a commercial driver’s license.

Many employers also require their technicians to have apprenticeships and certifications, and additionally may require certificates such as first aid and pole top and bucket rescue training.

The job of a lineman entails installing, inspecting, and repairing power lines, transformers, and other utility lines while also being exposed to high voltage electrical currents and hazardous working conditions. They must be aware of their surroundings and take all necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries, and must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for added protection.

Despite the risk, the profession offers incredible benefits, such as health insurance and retirement benefits, and joining a Union such as the IBEW can further increase those benefits.

Doing lineman work can feel like being part of a fraternity or club, with a strong sense of camaraderie and support among technicians.


High Voltage Industries & their Challenge Coins

Founded by a second generation IBEW member, High Voltage Industries is a merchandise and apparel company that highlights the hard work of technicians everywhere and what the electrical lineman industry has to offer.

In their merchandise, they recognize the brotherhood and unity that is found within the industry with high quality, creative products and diverse social media pages to not only advertise their merchandise but also share videos, photos, and stories of linemen across the country. 


One of the ways High Voltage Industries wants to show appreciation to power line workers everywhere by offering Challenge Coins. 

HIgh Voltage Challenge Coins are a unique, substantial way to show your appreciation and support to the men and women who work hard facing many challenges to keep our power going. Challenge coins can mark special occasions, achievements, and as High Voltage Industries asks their customers to do when purchasing them, “challenge your buddies to see who’s buying the next round”. 

Every year, Lineman Appreciation Day is celebrated on April 18th to recognize the hard work and dedication of the men and women who work to maintain our power lines. This important job requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and physical strength. It is a dangerous job, but those who take it on do it with pride and satisfaction. This day is an opportunity to honor and thank our linemen for all of their hard work and dedication.

Lineman challenge coins are a great way to show appreciation for the dedicated people who keep our power running. It is also a unique way to honor their service and show that their efforts are valued. 


Make your own Custom Challenge Coins to show your appreciation to a local high voltage electrical lineman, or any unit that you know goes above and beyond.

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