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Making the Knife Nuts Podcast Challenge Coin

Posted by All About Challenge Coins | December 19, 2019 at 5:15pm | Topic: Company
Combining irreverent humor and a passion for fancy knives, the Knife Nuts Podcast is a series dedicated to bringing the best and worst from knife community. Each host brings a sharp passion for their hobby and a unique perspective that's a perfect recipe for an engaging podcast with thousands of people listening to every episode. Recognizing their growing popularity, the hosts, including Levon “the Lover,” Dave “the Hater”, Jake “the Thinker, and Brian “the Maker,” wanted more than just t-shirts for their followers. For that, they came to AllAboutChallengeCoins for an order of custom coins meeting nearly any demand from their audience.

The Best (and Worst) of the Knife Community

The Knife Nuts Podcast has kept a steady schedule covering the best (and worst) of the knife community. While some might consider knives a niche topic, the Knife Nuts keep it fresh with episodes covering new knife acquisitions, their favorite manufacturers, the latest from industry conventions, and more. However, it isn’t simply the type of content they produce that’s led to their following. [caption id="attachment_2058" align="alignnone" width="2500"] Source: Knife Nuts Podcast[/caption] From playing up an almost religious infatuation with Chris Reeves to bemoaning the quality of their earliest purchases, none of the knife nuts are afraid of engaging their community with biting, and often, self-deprecating humor. The cheeky personalities of the show hosts are one of the podcast’s defining characteristics. At AllAboutChallengeCoins, our main goal was to keep that personality and character represented on their challenge coin’s final design.

The Knife Nuts Challenge Coin

With a clear idea and a fully-sketched design, the Knife Nuts Podcast knew exactly how they wanted their custom coin design to look and feel when they contacted AllAboutChallengeCoins for this project. The most defining feature of their coin is the sheer number of plating and color variations available. Eight different versions in all, we're capable of manufacturing this many variations by using the same mold for each version but using different complementary colors and metals. Manufactured at 2”, each variation of the coin has a definite weight and visual impact and uses a mostly metallic design with a specially-machined bezel edge. The front of the coin features a full-color render of the podcast logo with a quick hint of its iconic brand of humor and the personalities of each host in stamped metal text. Flipping the coin over, a mighty seagull squawks its fury at the center of the design as a reference to New Jersey, home of Brian “the Maker.” Finally, the edge of the coin on this side also pays homage to a favorite knife manufacturer and the providence of the design’s initial high-polish copper plating. Overall, the final look and feel of the coin manages to keep the irreverent personality of the podcast and its hosts but delivers a classic-looking presentation that looks and feels great.

Adapting the Knife Nuts Design

Taking the original sketch, the art team at AllAboutChallengeCoins adapted each part of the design into a look, restyling the initial design into eight different proofs of varying combinations of color, plating, and customization. However, each variation of the Knife Nuts coin still needed to have the feel and look of the original sketch, which we accomplish through a mix of color choice and texture. For example, to match the recessed details of the antiqued variations on the high-polish coins, we sandblasted parts of each side to give both a textural and visual contrast that kept the look and feel of the original artwork. Personally, our favorite variation of the design is the polished black nickel, which we colored with a specialized glow-in-the-dark enamel that looks great in low-light conditions. Ultimately, we’re pretty proud of our design team for being able to help adapt so many unique looking variations while still using only a single mold for the final design, which saves our client from having to additional mold fees for different variations.

Telling a Story With Every Design

With a variety of platings and colors, the Knife Nuts Podcast has a challenge coin for every taste. However, if you’re interested in a Knife Nuts Podcast challenge coin, you should act fast! We only manufactured 200 total challenge coins and the most popular variations are already selling quickly on the podcast’s official website [caption id="attachment_2043" align="alignnone" width="1440"] Source: Knife Nuts Podcast Facebook[/caption]
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