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Designing Veterans Day Challenge Coins

Posted by All About Challenge Coins | Friday October 11th, 2019 | Topic: Military
As organizations and businesses throughout the country prepare to celebrate Veterans Day with annual ceremonies and parades honoring local veterans, AllAboutChallengeCoins is busily working to meet renewed demand for custom challenge coins paying respects to our nation’s defenders. It’s one of our busiest times of the year, but we do our part gladly as a proud designer of Veteran’s Day challenge coins to businesses large and small honoring the military services of veterans in their communities. Taking the time to honor veterans either working for your business or just within your local community with a Veteran’s Day challenge coin is a great way to honor their service in protecting our freedom. However, you should be ready to put serious thought into not only how you plan on designing a Veterans Day challenge coin but also on how you intend to present the challenge coin to veterans. Having worked in the business of designing high-quality military lapel challenge coins for over a decade, we’ve come to know a thing or two about the process and hope to offer some tips that will help you personally honor your organization’s veterans this Veterans Day. Here’s our list of three tips for designing and presenting a lapel challenge coin in honor of Veterans Day.

Design Your challenge coin Way Before Veteran’s Day

Design your challenge coins early for Veteran’s day or else you might find yourself biting nails as you wait for them to arrive before the last minute. As we said, this is one of the busiest times of the year for us and more companies each year have begun commissioning unique lapel challenge coins as a way to honor their veterans. If you plan on doing the same, then it's to your advantage to get in touch with our designers early with your ideas. Within a day of receiving the ideas, we strive to get a full-color art proof drafted and sent back but you should always plan to have some time to work over new ideas or revisions to make the perfect challenge coin. Not to mention, production time after you’ve put in a final order can take seven to ten days to have your challenge coins delivered, which doesn’t include the time you might want to have them organized and ready to award.

Think Personally About Your Veterans When Designing a Veterans Day challenge coin

Military unit challenge coins are one of the most respected traditions in the U.S. Armed Forces and service members from the top-ranking generals to the private straight out of boot camp are liable to have a collection of unique challenge coins received from their schools, units or commanders. Custom military challenge coins are worn by Active Duty servicemembers and veterans alike to proudly display their history of service and duty in the Armed Forces and their one of the most beloved traditions. Each challenge coin in a veteran’s collection is unique but shares the purpose of representing respect for their service or the spirit of the unit they served with. Likewise, a lapel challenge coin you commission for a veteran should be personally designed to represent the spirit and personality of your business or organization’s respect for its veterans. Which branches of the military did veterans in your business or community serve in? What operations or conflicts did veterans take part in? Think of these questions while you consider how you want a challenge coin to be designed and be sure to include not just symbols representing veterans in general but also the specific service and actions of the veterans your challenge coins are going to. Taking the extra step to honor not only a veteran’s service but their specific service is something veterans recognize and appreciate.

Think About How to Present Your Veterans Day challenge coin

Whether your company or community has only a few veterans or many veterans, Veterans Day is all about taking the time to specifically honor those individuals and thought should be placed in how you do that. Some companies and organizations host community-scale Veterans Day events where they individually present their challenge coins honoring veterans in their company or local communities. Special presentation ceremonies like these are a time for veterans, their families and communities as a whole to experience a true sense of gratitude and connection. Other groups prefer more personal presentations such as palming a challenge coin and presenting it privately as part of a “secret handshake.” Small gestures like these can express gratitude and respect in ways words would fail to do. Preparing for Veteran’s Day this year, AllAboutchallenge coins is committed to ensuring the highest quality products to honor our nation's veterans for their selfless dedication and service to our nation. As you prepare to honor the veterans in your community this year, we hope this article will help you design veterans day challenge coins that will leave an impression this Veterans Day.

One Last Thing

Veterans Day is all about saluting the men and women who have served in our nation’s Armed Forces. Taking the time to personally design and tailor a challenge coin to honor the veterans in your organization or community is a powerful gesture that demonstrates your respect for their military traditions as well as an appreciation of their service. Unlike the military challenge coins awarded by commanding officers and units in the military, Veteran’s Day challenge coins aren’t commissioned to honor a single act of service or length of term spent with a military unit, they represent a community, business or organization’s respect for a military veteran’s career of service and dedication. Being able to partner with local businesses and organizations to honor the veterans in their local communities are some of our company’s proudest projects and we are pleased to play even a small part in shedding light on the selfless services of our nation’s veterans.
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