Whether it’s your first order or your latest order, the list of details and options going into your custom challenge coin design can be daunting. From the right colors to the right spelling keeping an eye on those details can save you both time and money. Make sure to double-check these four details before finalizing your order of custom challenge coins and you might just save yourself a hassle down the line.

Text, Font, and Typography

In the excitement of getting your coin’s look perfect, it’s all too easy to neglect spot-checking the content of your written text and typography. But making sure every word and name is perfect is going to prevent that awkward moment when Staff Sgt. John proudly reads the text of his new unit coin only to discover its dedication to Staff Sgt. Joan.

Our artists do their best with multiple spot checks through the design process to get the details right but you’ll know before we do whether or not you actually meant John or Joan on your challenge coin. Misspellings or typos that aren’t immediately apparent are difficult to catch on the production side because, for all a manufacturer knows, the coin was always meant for Joan. Go through any text you plan to include on a challenge coin with a fine-tooth comb and you may save yourself a major headache.

With AllAboutChallengeCoins, your initial quote comes with a free full-color art proof of your design including a full look at how your text or font is will look before production. Take advantage of this to make sure the spelling, font, and typography are exactly as you want it, and if it’s not, don’t forget we can fix and revise it at no charge.

Challenge Coin’s Dimensions

The actual scale of a challenge coin is one of the hardest things to picture on a challenge coin design even when you have an art proof on hand. But taking the extra effort to dig out a ruler and check how big a coin is going to look before you confirm to order will give a much clearer picture of it’ll ultimately look in your hand.

Checking your coin’s actual dimensions is especially important if you want to be sure a coin’s not too big to comfortably carry or to decide whether you’ll want it bigger for a greater visual impact. For example, making a 6” coin is sure to make an impact when you present it, but it’s a little too big for a soldier or police officer to slip into their pocket.

If you need a better idea of what things to look for when choosing the best size for your challenge coin, we’ve got a full writeup on what to look for.

Accuracy of Organization Emblems and Colors

The accuracy and details in an emblem or an organization’s color scheme are some of the most important parts of a challenge coin design that units its members. While creating an awesome visual design can take up all of your attention, don’t forget to make sure the key details that make your coin design personal to an organization are captured in full.

We use Pantone colors for all of our artwork, but not every sketch or initial design will do the same and it’s possible for colors to look different depending on lighting or viewing screen. Our advice? Compare any colors on your initial pieces before sending them in and double-check the colors on our artwork before giving the okay.

The Cost Efficiency of Your Custom Challenge Coin Order

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating or overestimating how many challenge coins you need to order. Ordering too few can lead to a cost-prohibitive reorder and make the price of each coin much higher than a larger bulk order. Order too many, and you might need to scrap the budget to deal with the initial fees. 

Right from our pricing page, factors that affect the cost of your coin order include:

  • The size of your order
  • The dimensions of your coins
  • Certain unique customizations

Our advice is to determine those factors before you order. Depending on your organization, you might already have an idea of the size of your order just by how many people are in your group. Meanwhile, your ideal coin dimensions will vary greatly on your design but the most popular size is usually 1.75” to 2.00”.

Catching up on these four details before your coin goes to production will go a long way towards avoiding the most common mistakes people make when designing and ordering their custom coins. Need more help? Our staff at AllAboutChallengeCoins have over a decade of experience working with clients to create high-quality challenge coins. If something in your design looks off, just shoot us a message and our team can get it fixed up, sometimes in minutes!