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Custom Challenge Coins Help New Year’s Resolutions Last a Lifetime

Challenge coins are more than just a token of appreciation - they bring people together. Whether it's in the military, sports teams, universities or businesses, these coins serve as powerful reminder of commitments and achievements.


Create Custom Challenge Coins to Help you and your team honor and commemorate last year's work and this upcoming year's goals.

Challenge coins are more than just a token of appreciation - they bring people together. Whether it's in the military, sports teams, universities or businesses, these coins serve as powerful symbols that unite people, commemorate special events and promote team spirit. 

In the case of New year's resolutions they can be used to commemorate achievements and milestones, and reward hard work with a physical award of recognition that lasts a lifetime.

Custom challenge coins are incredible tools for inspiring transformation. Making custom coins for your team as a reminder of their resolve, fortitude and achievements can go a very long way in motivating them to make the next milestone and never look back. 

Challenge coins last a lifetime and are best used to commemorate lifetime achievements. 

Challenge coins were first used in the Military, but are now also used in business, charities, game collectors, cybersecurity and more groups and teams use them each year.

Those hoping to get fit for this upcoming year or shed some serious pounds can find motivation to keep to those resolutions if given a reminder of the WHY they started, and Where they are going. 

Custom challenge coins can fit that need and over time will become a cherished keepsake always there to remind them that they are stronger than their challenges.

A single glance at the inspirational message on this coin is enough to motivate people to make positive choices about their mental habits and eating /physical activity. 

That’s what makes custom coins so effective. 

Encourage, Persuade, and Help Others to Meet Their Goals

Whether you're a life coach, counselor, gym owner, financial advisor or college admissions director – if you are passionate about helping others reach their full potential to achieve success in life then education is the key. Create an environment that empowers and encourages your clients by being supportive and answering questions as they arise. By doing so, it will ensure they stay focused on achieving their personal goals!

Another example could be used with a Real Estate company. Let's say last year that team of agents did an amazing job setting new homeowners on their dream path. The company can create a coin commemorating the great job their team did, while simultaneously reminding the team of the larger goal ahead. Custom coins allow for both sides of the coin to have a separate design, so in this real estate example, we would suggest one side to commemorate the achievements, and the other to promote something like the company goal or slogan, something like a target "10 million New Homeowners by 2030"

You as the customer would have the final say as to what size, shape, style, and color your custom coins would have, although we have a team of professional graphic designers to assist you through the process. Which means you can be as classic or extravagant as you want to be with your custom challenge coins.

Challenge coins can be traditionally shaped or cut-to-shape to resemble the image or photograph included on them. Challenge coins can also have decorative edges, 3D images, bottle opener mechanisms or sequential numbering. 

Custom challenge coins are a perfect reminder of 2023’s New Year’s resolutions. Order yours today. 

Visit https://allaboutchallengecoins.com/freequote to request a free price quote and email attachment containing the custom artwork that we created for you. 

Email your ideas to info@allaboutchallengecoins.com. You can also call toll-free to speak to a representative. We offer free shipping to orders placed to US addresses.

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