With plated metal and a polished finish, our custom challenge coins are finding their way into the hands of business owners as a replacement to business cards. The added weight and novelty of a coin make them one of the most impactful tools for attracting interest in your products or services. With this post, we’ve assembled what you need to know when designing a custom challenge coin as your next business card.

Information to include in a Custom Challenge Coin Business Card

The challenge coin below is just one example of many that can be used to fulfill the needs of a business card using a challenge coin. The front focuses on branding a business or its services, while the back provides the necessary contact details and information  Like a traditional business card, challenge coins are a two-sided canvas for displaying your information and the core principles of good design remain much the same. 

1. Business or Personal Branding

You’ll want a logo or other iconic representation of your business clearly on the front of your coin design. Clear brand imagery helps identify your business and create a more professional presentation for you and your services or products. Depending on your business, branding elements like a snazzy logo, mascot or personal name all make clear markers of your personal brand. The main advantage when working with a coin comes with the greater value and novelty people attach to custom coins.

2. Representation of Your Goods or Services

Running a flower shop? Include images of flora and bouquets that make up your business. Are you an artist? Create a design that showcases your original style and work. Whatever business you’re running, including a visual representation of those goods and services helps showcase your work or services. With a custom challenge coin, you can create sculpted detail and add metal-work that gives that visual representation of your business a much more impactful first-impression.

3. Contact Information (Phone, Email, Website)

The main point of a business card in the first place is to give a recipient a simple leaflet with the information they need to contact you later. You can choose to leave this information centered in a design or ringing around the edge of the coin. However, we recommend against adding a physical address to a business coin since it’ll be unwieldy to cover that content while retaining an interesting coin design.

Styling Challenge Coin Business Cards

One of the biggest advantages of using a challenge coin as a business card over traditional cardstock is it opens a new world of design and customization that can make them a much more special item for a recipient. When you’ve invested in a metal coin, people are much more likely to keep it handy. If only because it’s unique people assign a greater value to a metal coin than we would a sheaf of paper.

Compared to paper business cards, a custom challenge coin has more options for physical detail to make your presentation distinct. Customizations like 3D sculpting can give a unique molded aesthetic and a textured feel. While we often use the term “eye-catching” for good brand design, visual interest isn’t the only way to make your business and services distinctive. A textured and sculpted feel creates a more physically distinctive sense that gives your design a tactile attractiveness that’s hard to replicate on cardstock.

When picking color options for your challenge coin, less is usually more. After all, these coins are still intended to be a professional presentation of your business and services. Keeping to two or three colors keeps the color scheme simple and easy to highlight the main details. However, like with all designs, it’s going to vary depending on the personality you are trying to project. For example, an investment company might go for a more subdued coin design than say a musician.

One of the biggest advantages a challenge coin card has over traditional business cards is the ability to add practical customizations and features to the coin. Adding features like bottle openers, golf markers or multi-tools give recipients a reason to keep your coin handy after jotting your information down and increase the value of your challenge coin as a promotional item as well as a unique business card.

Getting the Word Out

A business card has to remind people of who you are and what you’re about while providing a clear line of communication to get back in touch. Well-designed, a business card connects is a networking tool, encouraging people to follow-up or get in touch after an initial meeting. However, a challenge coin card isn’t just a metal business card. They’re unique items that carry a much stronger intrinsic value. Taking advantage of that intrinsic value can help you create a more impactful impression of business or services.

In business, near everyone is working on a unique business card to make that perfect first impression. But, trading in cardstock for polished metal is guaranteed to make you much more memorable. Ready to get started? Just shoot us a message.