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Challenge Coins 101: Custom Coin Size

Posted by All About Challenge Coins | Tuesday May 21st, 2019 | Topic: Challenge Coins 101
Best size for a custom challenge coin? Whatever size you want. AllAboutChallengeCoins can make your order as small as a quarter or as big as a dinner platter if you ask. However, that doesn’t mean you should make a decision about your custom coin size lightly. The coin size is a critical part of the visual impact and heft a custom coin. Not to mention, the size of a challenge coin is going to dictate how much of a design canvas you have to work with and how much your order will cost. To help people make the best decisions for their orders, let's take a look at the most relevant factors going into your custom coin’s size.

Typical Custom Challenge Coin Sizes

The most popular coin size is usually around 1.75” to 2”. In our opinion, that range tends to give clients the best balance between design space, weight, portability, and visual impact. However, you might go smaller or bigger depending on the specific needs of the order. Some of our smallest coins have barely been bigger than a quarter at 0.75” but we’ve also made coins as big as dinner plates at 6” and more.

Designing With Size in Mind

More than just an aesthetic choice, the size of a coin is a practical concern for coin customizations and design add-ons. For example, you’d be hardpressed to get the leverage on a 0.75” coin as a bottle opener or to really get your hand around a 6” coin for the same purpose. Making your coin with size in mind from the start ensures a clean look and a well-proportioned design.
  • If you’re looking to add a bottle opener to your coin, you can’t go any smaller than 1.75” and we’d frankly recommend going to at least 2”. Any smaller than that and you wouldn’t be able to pull enough leverage to actually open a bottle.
  • If you want a custom-shape coin, going bigger is more likely to give your design the look you imagine. Remember, a challenge coin needs to stay within a square inch of scale and irregular shapes or cut-outs can leave a coin looking smaller in scale.
  • Text-heavy coins are going to need more a bigger coin if you want that text to be legible. At 1.75” you usually only have enough space for a single sentence.

Deciding the Your Coin Size

Going too big or too small with your custom coin can degrade the coin’s impact if it doesn’t suit your design. To find the right size for you, follow these guidelines to strike the right balance:
  • The more detailed a design, the bigger you’ll want to go if you want a coin’s recipient to actually see the detail. Trying a very detailed design on a small coin means a lot more planning on how to use the limited space. If you’re designing a small coin, keep the design simple with only one or two main elements to be focused on.
  • Smaller coins (any coin less than 1.75”) are cheaper to produce, letting you stretch your budget for a bigger quantity of coins. Keeping your coin’s under 2.5” also allows us to waive mold fees for orders over 300 coins.
  • Bigger coins (any coin bigger than 2”) are great for coins meant for display on a shelf or desk because the larger size lets you make more dramatic designs. However, going bigger than 2” is going to make it hard to actually carry around.

From visual impact to practical design, coin size matters and All About Challenge Coins is happy to lend our expertise to ensure your complete satisfaction with a coin’s final look and feel. Email us at if you have any questions or need more guidance on finding the best size for your custom challenge coin, with over a decade of industry experience we promise we can help. Ready to get started? Fill out our online form today for a free quote and full-color artwork of your custom coin design!
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