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Building Employee Engagement With Corporate Challenge Coins

Posted by All About Challenge Coins | Thursday July 18th, 2019 | Topic: Corporate
Between personal branding to engaging your team, there’s more value to the corporate coin than just novelty. A sharp custom coin promotes your brand, generates word-of-mouth interest, and forms stronger bonds between both customers and your team. Not to mention, they’re a lot more interesting than another company shirt or koozie. In this article, we’re exploring different ways our clients use corporate challenge coins to elevate their business and hopefully give you inspiration for engaging your own workplace with corporate challenge coins.

Corporate Challenge Coins as Employee Awards

In the military, challenge coins are awarded as informal honors to soldiers taking part in major operations and missions. While your business isn’t likely to have employees dodging bullets, this tradition holds strong in the corporate world with our custom coins awarded to highlight a team member’s performance or as years of service awards for long-serving workers. Recognizing and rewarding employees for making a difference in your company can only help to encourage your staff to keep doing so. The completion of a major project, the success of a product or a strong quarterly performance are all milestone opportunities that can use award coins as individualized recognition. Though you’ll want to make sure that your award coins are localized and focused on your business in a way that’s distinct. Even more so, if you’re a branch of a larger business. In 2011, we helped make a corporate coin for a local Burger King location design a custom challenge coin for each of their employees at the local branch.

Add Corporate Coins to Your Employee Welcome Package

Big-name companies including Salesforce and Uber use interesting welcome packages to quickly onboard new hires and introduce the company culture in a single friendly and personalized kit. Corporate challenge coins are a great item to add to an employee welcome kit since they’re not only highly personalized to your company but immediately make new staff feel included in a company tradition.  Not to mention, a cool custom coin makes for an excellent share point about your business after an employee’s first day on the job. Compared to bog-standard items like caps, koozies, cups or shirts, a company’s corporate coin is an interesting addition to a welcome kit that’s bound to be shared and talked about. We don’t need to tell you how valuable it is to have your business promoted freely through word-of-mouth.

Corporate Challenge Coins As Years of Service Awards

Probably the most popular role businesses big and small order corporate coins for, years of service awards are one of the longest-standing business traditions to recognize an employee’s long-term dedication. Tenure-based awards help companies big and small retain employees for the long-term. Chances are, your company already has some kind of award program in place for years of service awards and custom corporate coins make for a natural addition. But unlike bulkier trophies or plaques, challenge coins can be carried and shown off in a way that makes them physically engaging especially compared to another award on the shelf or wall. Members of a team can brandish and show off a coin in ways that’d be a little awkward with a big trophy.

Build Consumer Interest With Your Brand

Do you have a strong local following or a wide-ranging online presence? Selling branded items like shirts are a popular way to promote and build your brand. But adding a challenge coin to your promotional items can help you leverage your brand even further. Frankly, a corporate coin is interesting and unique in ways most t-shirts and other wearables aren’t.  You talk about that cool coin you got from your favorite business. You post pictures of yourself brandishing a cool coin. You actively engage and interact with corporate coin where other promotional items are simply worn or displayed. Ultimately, a corporate coin can be used to create an active interest in your business rather than passive advertising about your brand.

Expressing Your Business

Ultimately, there’s no real right or wrong way to use corporate challenge coins. (Other than ordering them and doing nothing at all.) Designing a corporate challenge coin creates a bold and interesting company showpiece that can help build a more unique and codified culture around the workplace. Interested in expressing your company through corporate challenge coins? Shoot us a message.  Designs big and small, AllAboutChallengeCoins is your coin source for high-quality custom coins. We're proud of our work and have provided quality work for clients in businesses and organizations all over the world. If you’re looking to jumpstart your own project, just fill our online form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a free full-color art proof of your idea!
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