Financial services are probably one of the last industries you’d expect to find military challenge coins made but Roberts & Ryan Investments, founded by Vietnam combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient Daniel Roberts, is unlike many financial service companies. The company employs a staff of service-disabled military veterans and Wall Street professionals with top-level services that support the veteran community through company initiatives and direct donations to veteran support organizations.

AllAboutChallengeCoins was approached by Roberts & Ryans to help create 300 custom challenge coins reflecting their dedication to the veteran community and their own foundation in uniformed service.

Designing the Coin

Roberts & Ryan sent us several clear ideas from the onset but with plenty of time to experiment going from one art proof to the next. From the start, the company wanted circular antique gold coins at 1.75” (our most popular coin size) with the Roberts & Ryan corporate logo prominently displayed on one side. Our goal was to create a design not only flashing the company’s distinct branding but also expressing their status as a veteran-run business and dedication to the uniformed services.

In all, we went through 16  different iterations of the coin. With some wildly differing looks and design choices from the final product. Perhaps the biggest addition to the coin design was classic colors of red, white, and blue to frame visual attention to the central designs a color border was added around the coin along with a beveled edge for added texture.

Front Design

The front of the coin focuses on expressing the Roberts & Ryan brand through the financial company’s name, founding date, and company colors. While it went through a few style changes over the course of design, it’s core look kept largely the same throughout our revisions.

The dominant part of the front design is the official company logo, a stylized double “R” with three service stripes at the center. We went through a few iterations of the logo including a plain metal version, a black color fill version and a couple of different shades of grey. But finally, we went with a blue-grey and yellow Pantone color scheme matching the colors of the original logo.

For visual continuity, the same shade of blue-grey used for the logo is also used for the color border wrapping around the coin’s edge on both sides. The company name, “Roberts & Ryan,” is placed at the top curved border of the coin, while text reading, “financial services since 1987,” wraps around the bottom of the coin highlighting the company’s years of operation in financial services. All of the border text along the edge is in raised metal to distinguish it from the surrounding color fill and make it more readable overall.

Back Design

For the coin’s back design, Roberts & Ryan branding takes a backseat to a design dedicated to honoring veterans and members of the military. Compared to the front, this side of the coin went through many more revisions from simple color swaps and text changes to entire design replacements.

The eagle, located in the center of the design, is sculpted in 3D allowing for full texture detail of each feather and giving more depth to the text reading, “We support our troops.” The flag backdrop was added, changed, removed, replaced, removed again and finally placed back into the design almost with every other proof. But in our opinion, the full-color version really adds much needed visual pop to an otherwise plain design and highlights the central eagle without overcomplicating the look of the coin.

Final Thoughts

Designing a challenge coin for Roberts & Ryan took us through many different combinations of military logos, patriotic colors, custom edges, and verbiage before finally landing the perfect final look. Expressing our client’s expertise and dedication to veterans was the goal from the start and we’d like to think we’ve succeeded. Not only does the final version display the Roberts & Ryan brand, but it also expresses the company’s long history in uniformed service and long-standing support for veteran foundations.

All in all, it’s a design we’re proud to be involved with making and we hope for the chance to make more designs like this in the future!

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