Know All About Challenge Coins?

We do. It’s our name and it’s been trusted for providing high-quality challenge coins for the military, law enforcement, corporations and local organizations for over a decade. Today, we’re proud to launch our new company blog as a resource for clients new and old to learn about the processes of designing custom challenge coins and learn about some of our most interesting projects.

Same Services, New Resources, Still All About Coins

We’re making a drive towards engaging our clients and providing tools to better understand the different steps of challenge coin design and to give steady resources helping bring your ideas to fruition. This is the first of many steps towards expanding our brand experience across multiple platforms to share knowledge and better serve our customers. All About Challenge Coin’s primary goal remains the same, to provide quality service and products. But through friendly advice and knowledge based on our experiences working with countless clients, we hope to build a community resource that you can use long-term and shine a spotlight on some of the most interesting projects our clients have sent our way.

Whether you need advice on how to begin an order, the differences between different customizations or just need help to set a direction for your group’s coins, we offer expert advice based on the most commonly asked questions and our own experiences helping our clients.

Keeping in Touch

While designing this new platform, we focused on providing a useful tool for both new and old clients to quickly learn about their options and find inspiration for their own

If you’re here, then congratulations! You’ve already found our website which is the best place to get in touch with us to get a quote and explore our challenge coin customizations or to start your order. But it’s also a good idea to stay up-to-date on All About Coins content by finding us on Facebook. We’ll be constantly posting interesting examples of our work to inspire and spark new ideas. We monitor our social media throughout the day and we’re more than happy to respond if you’ve got questions. 

Need to get in touch quickly? In a lot of ways, we’re still an old-fashioned company and it’s easy to talk to any of our managers or industry veterans. Just give us a call at 1-866-604-9462, or email us at where you’ll find expert staff who’ve worked in the industry for years.

Reconfirming our Mission

We’re confirming a commitment to our clients for providing quality products and personalized service from the moment they contact us to long after their coins are produced and delivered. All About Challenge Coins is all about crafting your custom challenge coins with great customer service and one of the most experienced design teams on the market. A unique challenge coin can unify an organization and if we can do our part to educate and equip clients with the knowledge and tools to make that special coin, we’d like to think we’ve taken a step further to accomplishing our mission.

Visit All About Challenge Coins today, and let us work with you!