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6 Unique Custom Bottle Opener Coins From the Military

Posted by All About Challenge Coins | November 25, 2019 at 12:08pm | Topic: Military
Great for giving your custom challenge coin a purpose beyond display, adding a bottle opener to a custom challenge coin is one of our most popular options at AllAboutChallengeCoins. But from working with a more confined design to naturally integrating a bottle opener into a coin, bottle opener coins can pose more than a few challenges of their own. However, that hasn’t stopped many of our clients from using their creativity to find unique ways to create inspiring bottle opener coins that are as cool to look at as they are practical to keep around the bar. To help inspire your next design, we’re sharing some of our favorite coin designs for custom bottle openers straight from the military.

75th Logistics Readiness Squadron (75th LRS) Coin

Starting off with a design for the 75th Logistics Readiness Squadron, a group with a history dating back to World War II. We’ve worked on a ton of similar coin designs with a bottle opener cut out of the coin’s interior, but this is a great example of how simple color and plating changes can elevate a design. The squadron creates a simple but striking visual contrast by plating in black metal to highlight a patriotic design. Characterizing their proud role as a logistics and support squadron, their mascots and emblems are colored in red and white to create a striking look with the appearance of inked artwork. The black plating doesn’t just make this coin stand out from more common metallic plated coins, it gives their actual emblems a unique visual.

USS Carl Vinson

The USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class supercarrier, has deployed in nearly every modern conflict since its maiden voyage in 1983. Notably, following Osama Bin Laden’s death, his body was brought aboard before being buried at sea. Overall, this ship coin uses a simple design that belies the vessel’s long history. The choice of black on gold is more than just a classic aesthetic, it helps showcase 3D details on high-polish gold by toning down how much light reflects on the coin. Similar to other military coins, the ship’s motto is included along the edge which translates as, "Strength through the Sea." Unlike other designs, no real attempt was made to hide or integrate the bottle opener. Instead, we placed it onto the bottom of the design-oriented below the 3D details to appear like a natural part of the overall coin design.

3rd Battalion 1st Marines

One of the first examples on this list to really start breaking the mold, the “Thundering Third” of the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines combine custom shape, color detail, and polished plating for a custom bottle opener coin that maximizes every part of their design.  With three cut-outs, the coin loses out on a lot of surface area for content but the design goes around it by stripping the 3rd Battalion’s insignia down to their iconic raging bull image with three colored lightning bolts to represent the 3rd Battalion. Overall, the best part of this design for us is that it has a unique profile without sacrificing the look and feel of a traditional challenge coin.

4th Battalion 1st Special Warfare Group

Not just one of the most uniquely shaped bottle opener coins, this combat knife-shaped coin is one of the most uniquely shaped challenge coins we’ve made. Period. Most coins including an external bottle opener struggle with the oddly-shaped curve to their coin. The 4th Battalion got around this handily by removing the traditional coin shape entirely and almost seamlessly integrating the bottle opener into the hilt of the knife. The narrow shape might make most text or detailing hard to read, white text and bright detail over a black metal plating keep everything visible. At 2.5” it’s slightly bigger than most challenge coins, but it’s narrow design actually makes it a smaller coin than you’d expect.

Navy Operational Support Center

A custom bottle opener coin made for the Navy Operational Support Center, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that they have more than a few football fans on staff. The bottle opener is almost seamlessly blended in as a helmet detail and the gridiron pattern is a unique way to mold visual texture onto a 2D challenge coin. At 2.5” the design is bigger than most designs and manages to maximize its available surface with its spread out helmet design.

557th ERHS

The 557th Expeditionary Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer Squadron (also known as RED HORSE) ordered their challenge coin as a custom dog tag with a bottle opener cut out from the bottom for better leverage. With translucent paint over the 3D molded details, the 557th ERHS coin has a unique red texture over its central emblem. It’s actually fairly difficult to add color to 3D details and we’re happy to say the final product came out in shining relief.

Get Started With Custom Bottle Opener Coins

Adding a bottle opener can create new challenges for a design, but there’s a reason why it’s one of our most popular customizations at AllAboutChallengeCoins. Bottle opener coins give an opportunity for both form and function, but creativity is what elevates your design and we’re hoping these examples from the military will give you the right inspiration. Still need help? AllAboutChallengeCoins has your back. Having made custom challenge coins for the military, law enforcement, and corporations alike, our designers are some of the most experienced in the business. Whether you’re looking to add a custom bottle opener to an existing design or working a fresh idea, we can help make the final product unique to your needs.