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5 Law Enforcement Fundraising Ideas

Posted by All About Challenge Coins | March 14, 2019 at 12:55pm | Topic: Law Enforcement
Law enforcement organizations and police departments receive funding and support from both federal and municipal government to protect the public and maintain peace in their communities. However, from community programs, support for families of fallen or just new programs, many departments turn to community fundraising for activities outside of their operational budget.

Custom Challenge Coin Fundraising

Try hosting a custom challenge coin fundraiser for your police department, it's a quick way to fundraise while offering people a tangible item for their involvement and support. Nearly every part of a law enforcement challenge coin can be customized allowing you to create unique challenge coins for any event or cause. Most importantly, custom police challenge coins are a great way to define your organization's character and what they stand for.  At AllAboutChallengeCoins, starting a quote is free and we offer free full-color artwork and design services for your coin's custom look. If you need help organizing a fundraiser, visiting our pricing is a good place to start exploring options.

Run a Bailout

A fun game to play with the local community, bailouts are a fundraising game with a simple set of rules. Simply, place a “jail cell” in a popular location such as a local mall, shopping center or park and “imprison” a local celebrity or prominent sponsor. Set a fundraising goal for the community to donate for your law enforcement organization’s cause whether it's for new equipment or ongoing programs. The fundraising goal serves as the prisoner’s “bail” letting friends and family donate toward the fundraising goal to bail them out their predicament. If you want to make a proper contest of it, open a competing fundraising goal for people to donate into to keep their friends locked up instead.

Police 5K

One of the most classic and popular types of fundraisers, running a 5K (pun intended) rallies a community together in ways few other fundraising events can accomplish. Not to mention, the shorter distance makes it accessible for both the athletically trained and untrained alike. While planning a route and organizing months ahead of time requires more logistics on your part, individual participants and attendees can quickly mobilize to help you achieve fundraising goals either in support of a charitable cause or just to replace aging equipment. One tip to make a 5K more appealing is to offer customized completion medals or race coins as an achievement incentive for participants. It’s not unheard of for participants to enter a 5K or marathon solely because they thought the design of an event medal or race coin was unique or eye-catching.

Doughnut Eating Contest

For better or worst, law enforcement organizations are inextricably tied to a diet of black coffee and doughnuts. Your organization might as well take advantage of the reputation by hosting an eating contest at the local doughnut shop. You or a few officers on the force probably do know a local shop or two who’d be more than happy to help participate and maybe even donate food for the event just for the publicity. If you’re looking for a take on the idea that’s more active, try combining it with a running event in the same vein as the Krispy Kreme Challenge where participants will need to run an obstacle course before finishing a dozen donuts and running back.

Grow a Beard

Most law enforcement organizations have grooming policies preventing officers from growing beard or any facial hair, but anything for a good cause! Let officers forgo the razor for a month with a Beard For Bucks campaign, allowing male officers to grow a beard as long as they donate to the benefit of a cause or charity of choice each month or week of their scraggle. This can also be opened to the public by allowing individuals to donate in the name of an officer’s beard or simply help spread the word. Even if an officer can’t or doesn’t want to grow a beard, it’s still possible to get involved with this concept by carrying or selling event challenge coins in solidarity or wearing patches that resonate with the charity or cause behind the event.

Localize Your Law Enforcement Fundraisers

Whether you’re fundraising for new equipment, raising money for a fallen officer’s family or just supporting a cause you believe in, think about events or fundraisers that are in touch with your municipality and engaging with the public. However, make sure it’s an event your officers and staff can jump behind. Fundraisers thrive on the enthusiasm and interest of both the officers involved and the public, make sure it’s an event both the public and your department can enjoy.